A place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Resilient and Sharing Economies for NEETs. Project Index No.: 2017-1-345. EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

A place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Resilient and Sharing Economies for NEETs. Project Index No.: 2017-1-345. EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

The YOUTHShare project aims at reducing youth unemployment in coastal and island regions of Mediterranean EEA by advancing young NEETs skills in trans-locally resilient agri-food production and the pertinent circular economies. By boosting the potential of social entrepreneurship in those sectors through sharing economy by means of an integrated multi-scalar methodology and practice, the project will lead to reducing economic disparities and increasing social integration.

Many of the Mediterranean EEA regions, in addition to unemployment and inactive young population between 25- 29 skyrocketing, face special socio-environmental insularity-related pressures, the refugee crisis, lack of coordination between actors and interventions, and absence of personalized support. Such a poly-parametric problem needs transnational cooperation, coordinated research and new empirically-grounded solutions based on know-how transfer, in order to cover three needs: i) to train properly selected groups (especially inactive low-skilled women and migrants familiar with the Mediterranean culture) in locally resilient sectors, ii) to enhance employability in a transferable way by advancing knowledge and skills through social entrepreneurship and innovative peer-to-peer platforms connected to niche markets, and iii) to establish long-lasting labour market engagement by involving various, mostly non-traditional, stakeholders and through innovative research and path-breaking Employment Centres.

Entrepreneurship is a woman 2! EIW 785052. COS-EYE-2017-4-01

Entrepreneurship is a woman 2! EIW 785052. COS-EYE-2017-4-01

The main aim of the EIW2 project is to enhance and promote entrepreneurship in EU and thus to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs and potential start-ups by establishing exchange of experience between new and experienced entrepreneurs, access to new markets, finding potential business partners and business networking. The duration of the mobility action will be from 0 to 4 months maximum. This project is a continuation of EIW project developed in cycle 8 and this project should reach at least 160 RLTs involving directly 80 NEs and 80 NEs during the project implementation.

Women’s experiences in the business creation are different from those of men. Women go towards different type of business. Their business is usually based in lack of perspectives to find a job after maternity etc. The consortium aim is to promote the unusual business creations in order to find the needs and business opportunities in small, excluded, poor areas where there are no place big innovative IT companies but there is place for ecological food, care services, services for kids, young mothers, gastronomy, education). Women are therefore forming an increasingly significant portion of the SME sector, which is the major source of new jobs. Yet women continue to face barriers to entrepreneurial activity in comparison with men. If Europe is to benefit fully from the female potential for job creation and economic growth, decision-makers at local, national and European level must agree measures to ensure the best possible framework to support women’s entrepreneurship.

In order to effectively contribute to promoting growth and strengthening competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises in the European Union on the long term, EIW2 ” Entrepreneurship is a woman 2!” will address the five challenges set out in the COSME Work programme, with a strong emphasis on intensifying the sustainable internationalization of SME’s.