Competent teaching Staff key towards success in educational process POWERSE-2017-1-PL01-KA101-036368

The aim of the undertaken activities is to strengthen the professional profile of the teachers, improve their qualifications and competences, provide early care and education to students, and as a result, increase the level of teaching and learning as well. All the actions have been taken to prepare teachers and management staff to create and work with classes, also at the second stage of education, during extracurricular activities. In the project 31 Polish teachers were involved in training activities in Murcia, Spain. Participation in the project brought a lot of long-term benefits: from improving the qualifications and competences of the school staff, enriching the workshop with modern language teaching methods and ICT to increasing the school’s attractiveness, through the implementation of the learned practices and innovations, gaining key competences by the students and motivating them to learn. Participation in the project gave the school an European dimension, which allowed for the promotion of the school worldwide. 
In order to disseminate knowledge about the project and the idea of ​​participation in the ERASMUS + project, a number of activities were undertaken not only in the school environment, but also locally: placing information on the school website, informing local media (TV and press) about the school’s participation in the project, the use of eTwinning and the Twin Space platform. Furthermore, we shared our experiences with other teachers in demostration lessons, during staff meetings and conferences organized. The training courses were the following:

  1. Working with a student with special educational needs
  2. Communication and mediation, difficult parent
  3. IT tools in didactics
  4. Voice emission