Acting through Games 2015-3-BE05-KA105-00773

The project consists of 2 parts – Advanced Planning visit for youth leaders to be held in September 2016 in Costesti, Moldova and youth exchange itself.

The youth exchange take place in between 11-16 of November 2016 in  Costesti, Moldova. An international group of 45 young people including group leaders from 6 EU countries – Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Estonia and from 3 EECA countries – Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine took part in this international youth exchange. The total duration of the project is 8 days, including the arrival and departure days.

This is a project for young people who wanted to develop and practice skills for working with groups. Participants have the chance to learn all steps in a workshop: from preparation to implementation, with a permanent focus on the expected results. In order to create an active learning environment, the participants were learning by doing with the support of the team.

The whole exchange was based upon non-formal education methods. The aim is to allow participants to “learn by doing”, so that they acquired some knowledge based upon the experience they withdraw from each exercise or the connection between them. Some of the themes were:

  • Games and exercises
  • Group dynamics
  • Media tools
  • Presentation skills
  • Story telling
  • Theories of learning
  • Working process minded and goal focused
  • Creating a concept about non-formal learning
  • Education by creating context
  • Language as creative and generative instrument